The Teachers

The Teachers

Suzanne Elliott

Level 3 Bikram Yoga Teacher

Suzanne Elliott has been a fitness educator, student, and coach for her whole life. She has practiced yoga for more than 25 years. Suzanne’s body has been healed by yoga after a lifetime of athletic injuries and a double hip replacement.

Suzanne has devoted her life to teaching and sharing the healing power of yoga with as many people as possible after experiencing the incredible benefits of the 26&2 Series for herself. She obtained her 26&2 Teaching Certification in 2002 and has since taught the 26&2 Series to numerous students for more than 20 years. She is happy to have impacted over ten thousand lives in Brevard and beyond as an adjunct assistant teacher at Teacher Trainings and through leading posture clinics and teaching seminars.

Suzanne enjoys making others feel and look amazing, bringing people together, and witnessing students’ health improvements.

Joe Elliott

Level 3 Bikram Yoga Teacher

Joe Elliott has been a teacher for thirteen years. In 2007, he intended to join the Bikram Yoga community as a strong male voice through the Bikram Teacher Training in Hawaii. He and his wife, Suzanne, share the physical and mental benefits of yoga, which he practices with her.

Joe appreciates teaching for his ability to connect with his students. He hopes to inspire his students to accomplish more than they ever dreamed possible. His objective is for them to comprehend the significance of yoga practice and its potential benefits.

Claudia Cox

Level 3 Bikram Yoga Teacher

Claudia Cox is also one of the H.O.T.Y. 26&2 instructors. In 2010, she received training in Las Vegas and began teaching in the same year.

Her favorite aspect of teaching is forming a bond with her students and helping them grow through an incredible Yoga and Pilates experience.

Her best piece of advice for beginners is to never give up. It works. It may not be easy, but they will grow physically and intellectually stronger, and you can’t put a price on that!


Patricia “Tish” Rees

Tish started her yoga practice right here at H.O.T. Yoga on the Island in 2008! She received her 26&2 Teacher Certification in 2010 at the Bikram Yoga College of India Fall Training in San Diego, California.

Tish says she loves yoga because the practice allows her to “amaze, disappoint, deplete, bore, treat, hurt, tease, forget, nurture, discover, challenge, love myself and still come back!”

Tish hopes to inspire students in her classes to “catch the yoga bug”. Her favorite part of teaching is watching her students progress slowly but surely over time.

Katherine"Roo" Kalm

Level 2 Bikram Yoga Teacher

Katherine “Roo” Kalm has been a yoga instructor for the past decade and a half due to her desire to spread this knowledge and the advantages of yoga. She began her yoga practice at H.O.T. Yoga on the Island 14 years ago. She finished the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2011.

For her, the most notable benefits have been mental wellness and clarity. She is motivated by the transformation of her students and their desire for greater knowledge. She consistently advises her students to enjoy themselves and not feel the pressure of obligations.

Carrie Wiler

Around ten years ago, Carrie Wiler took her first yoga session at H.O.T.Y. after a friend encouraged her to give it a try and assured her that it would be life-changing. Carrie quickly realized that her friend was right. She felt comfort and hope after her first lesson, and she knew she would be returning for more.

After several years of practice, Carrie thought it was time to expand her knowledge of yoga so that she could share its incredible benefits with other people.

She took a “Kidding Around” Kid’s Yoga Teacher Training in Orlando in 2018, then in April of 2020, she completed an online 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certification course.

Carrie’s favorite aspect of teaching is being able to give back and assist others. She claims that yoga has benefited her in numerous ways. She wants to offer everybody who is willing the chance to have a happier, healthier life.

Bethany Hendren

Level 1 Bikram Yoga Teacher

Bethany Hendren has been practicing at HOTY since January of 2020. She completed her 300+ hour training at the HOTY Institute in 2021, earning her certification under the Original Hot Yoga Association.

Bethany’s inspiration for becoming a teacher stemmed from her passion for fitness. She has always looked up to her fitness instructors and yoga teachers and enjoyed working out on her own or with friends. Helping other people get moving was something she had always been interested in, and going to teacher training was the first step in making that dream a reality.

Bethany’s favorite part of teaching is watching her students and fellow yogis grow in their practice. She says, “I love it when people take time for themselves.”

Donna Trantham

Donna began practicing yoga in 1995, and discovered the 26&2 Series 1999. She found that the technique and sequence of postures were exactly what her body needed to heal from years of sports injuries and accidents. Maintaining a consistent yoga has changed her mind as well as her body. Donna says, “Over the past 23 years, I’ve gotten stronger, healthier, and more flexible, mentally and physically.”

After her positive experience with yoga, Donna felt called to share the amazing benefits with even more people. Though her 9-week teacher training was challenging, her transition from teacher to student was natural. She says, “I was asked to teach, and I had a lot of good mentors to help me learn.” Donna’s favorite part of teaching is sharing her experience and passion with others. Her philosophy is, “Any yoga is better than no yoga!” Donna advises new students to show up, breathe, and do what they can. She says, “Do what you can! Remember, less is more!”

Farrah Faure

Level 1 Bikram Yoga Teacher

Farrah Faure has practiced the 26&2 Series for more than a decade. Prior to that, she completed the Baron Baptist Journey into authority series and has only recently begun teaching.

The fact that yoga has been so physically and mentally helpful to her is what motivated her to enroll in Yoga Teacher Training. It has helped her to maintain an excellent level of fitness and given her the strength to handle anything life throws at her.

She desires to be able to convey to people how 90 minutes of heat and physical stress can alter lives mentally and physically.